16th Sep 2017, 10:41 PM

view argylefox's profile

The Glow is SUPER important in the Under, so, to be able to create it is a massive deal. She is sending a message by doing this.

Fabian W.

16th Sep 2017, 10:54 PM

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The pointy bits of the speech bubble seems to indicate that... she speaks in unison with her own shadow?


16th Sep 2017, 11:19 PM

view SunnySideUpSmile's profile

The 'eck? Who else is speaking? Maybe another crone, maybe her shadow.....Ahhhh way to go! You got me confused! :P

And as always, nice job on the page!


17th Sep 2017, 3:14 AM

view rokulily's profile

this nerd has been waiting in the dark for like the last 10 minutes just to make the most dramatic pose.


18th Sep 2017, 3:38 AM

view MadJak91's profile

Then if worst comes to worst, she can still threaten with shutting down the light source or whatever purpose such glowing objects have. I see that being a huge problem though.

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